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Center for Social Justice and Cultural Understanding was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing cross-cultural learning programs that support social justice efforts in Nicaragua.


I truly learned so much and returned with a completely different perspective on medicine among many other things. More than just that, I think I have really gotten a lot more confident and self-assured from my experiences just navigating Nicaragua and work and learning to be more independent and a go getter. It is not a loud obnoxious confidence, but more just like a quiet, inner confidence that when things get tough or difficult, I will be able to handle it. This was something I always looked for but never really felt I developed until this summer.

Zoe Barbatti - Global Public Health 2016

One of my favorite aspects of Viva Nicaragua was how personalized the work was to my interests. It wasn't a generic, one size fits all program. Instead, I was given a mentor who helped me set up meetings with local lawyers, doctors, police officers, and government officials who all gave me different insights into the issue of commercial sexual exploitation. All in all, the program was incredibly tailored and well thought out to meet the goals of each individual participant. I loved my time there and hope to eventually come back to Granada and the Viva Nicaragua program!

Nancy Fairbank - Human Rights Intern, Summer 2015

My trip to Nicaragua was truly unforgettable. Working in the community provided me with important skills that I will carry with me in my future career as a healthcare professional. It opened my eyes to whole new reality and my outlook on the world will be forever changed.

Brook Stewart - May 2016

My time in Nicaragua with Viva Nicaragua was an immense growing opportunity for me. The people I met there taught me so much, and I still keep in touch with them. I am so grateful for the chance I had to connect with the creative and generous people of Soledaridad and Catarina. At my job now, I often rely on the ability to adapt to changing situations that I developed while working in Nicaragua.

. Lucy Pei - Marketing Intern, Summer 2015


Since our founding, we have provided educational and professional opportunities for over 700 interns and volunteers from around the world and we have established partnerships with over 20 universities. Program participants obtain the skills necessary to lead direct service efforts at home and abroad. The commonality amongst our graduates is their commitment to social justice and the cross-cultural understanding obtained through their work in Nicaragua - vital skills for any professional in today’s globalized and diverse world.


We have long lasting relationships with our community partners and collaborate with them to meet their needs in a sustainable manner. Our efforts extend to clinics, hospitals, government institutions, women’s groups, human rights organizations, schools, community organizations, and children’s groups. All of our work focuses on providing need-based educational opportunities to support citizens that are pro-active in their own lives and communities.

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